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Why Choose a Peristaltic Pump?


Compare our Peristaltic to other designs of pumps…

EPS = TWICE the hose life!

Introducing the L (Low Maintenance) Enviroflex Series

With our Enviroflex L Pump series you get all the benefits of other peristaltic pumps, but with a much slower pump speed and soft action rotating-roller hose compression.

Pump hose life is directly related to pump rpm. For example, if you run a pump at 15rpm, you can expect at least twice the hose life of running the same pump at 30rpm. Size for size, our L pumps have a longer contact length between roller and hose, creating a higher flowrate, which allows you to run the same size pump much slower, typically at half speed compared to the same flowrate output as many of our competitors. See comparison charts…

You can cut your power consumption* by HALF overnight!

*For exact figures on power saving and rpm reduction give us a call.

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