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Best Hose Life

Our peristaltic pumps are taller and wider than the industry standard and therefore the distance the roller is in contact with the hose is much greater creating an increased flow per revolution. This means our pump will run at half the speed of a standard pump, provide twice the hose life, yet produce the same output…

So you save money on hose, lubricant, maintenance AND with our special roller design, cut your energy consumption by 50%!

Lowest Power Consumption

The peristaltic hose within our pump is compressed by two rotating rollers. The large diameter of these rollers (compared to other pumps) ensures that the hose is compressed gently and efficiently, while minimizing any frictional drag that would lead to hose wear.

This means that our pump requires less operating power – in fact 50% less compared with a similar fixed shoe design – BIG power saving!! compare

Other makes of roller pumps that fit small diameter rollers or worse still, fixed shoes, dramatically increase friction on the hose wall leading to quicker wear, and greatly increased power bills.

Widest Choice of Pump Materials

Standard pump body materials include:

Carbon Steel    304 Stainless Steel    316 Stainless Steel    Galvanized Steel

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