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Extending Hose Life


Example: Natural rubber hose has been selected for an application because of its excellent physical properties, only then to have the application changed to a more acidic product causing the rubber to fail prematurely.

If you have a suspect pump, let us come and take a look for you and provide free on-site advice.

High temperature application

Pumping at a high temperature can lead to early hose failure.


Ensure that High Temperature Hose is employed to maximise your hose’s life expectancy and that the pump is run within the manufacturer’s maximum speed for that temperature. Roller design peristaltic pumps will introduce less temperature into the hose than a fixed-shoe peristaltic pump design.

Suction pressure spikes

If your application has anything but a very short well-sized suction line then you may be experiencing pressure surges on the suction of the pump. These surges can drastically reduce hose life and can damage the pump inlet connections.


A major improvement can be seen in hose life through the introduction of a correctly sized damping device. Give us a call and we’ll help identify ways to extend hose life.

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