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Extending Hose Life


Inefficient pump speed

Hose for peristaltic pumps has a predictable life if all factors are consistent within a process and will therefore provide a number of compressions and returns in its operation before failure. Pump speed has a direct effect on hose life; as a guide, if you double your pump speed you will halve your hose life. Conversely, if you halve your pump speed you will approximately double your hose life.


If your pump is inefficient and incurring frequent hose replacement, please give us a call and we will talk through your application and provide recommendations to help you achieve best practice.
Ultimately, purchase a larger pump and run it more slowly!

Incorrect hose materials

Do you have a pump running with an inappropriately short hose life? Your hose material may not be compatible with what you are pumping through it.


Environmental Pumping Solutions Limited has the technical expertise to help identify the causes of failing hose. Our Peristaltic pump hose comes in a wide range of materials, when we select a hose for peristaltic pumping, we consider many factors including the liquid that you are pumping, temperature range involved and general duty expectations. In order to extend your current hose life, we would review the duty application and ensure that the optimum material is employed.

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