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Want to get new customers and keep them for regular repeat orders and grow your profits quickly?

By selling peristaltic hose for ALL makes of peristaltic pump you no longer need to wait for a customer who needs to buy a new pump.

Simply find a customer who has any peristaltic pump and sell him our hose. The customer will save money and you will have an instant customer. Once he orders you can expect all his future hose orders.

Our superior hose will work perfectly with EVERY make of pump - guaranteed! And, we haven't pumped up the prices, so more profit for you!

You know that today customers want to reduce their suppliers and here's their opportunity, they can buy peristaltic hose and lubricants for any make of pump through just one supplier – YOU.

With Environmental Pumping Solutions behind you, you can support a hose order for any make of peristaltic pump which makes you THE supplier to deal with.

Tell us what you need and we will consider stocking it exclusively for you. If you find a customer who has a regular requirement we will reserve this product in our stores exclusively for your company.

This ensures your inventory is low, but when you need it, delivery is immediate. Maximize your profits with our ESP Programme.

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