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Precision Ground Hose

Unless specified otherwise, we manufacture a composite reinforced hose consisting of the highest quality compound rubbers, which is reinforced with two plies of high grade cording for hose sizes up to and including internal bore diameter of 15mm. Thereafter up to 150mm bore diameter we employ four plies.

Precision Grinding vs. Wrapped

All EPS hose is precision machine ground to ensure the highest tolerances are achieved. Once a hose has been built it is wrapped in a protective cover called “bandaging” and it is then “cooked” as part of the final bonding process. After this the hose is allowed to cool, the bandaging is removed and finally the hose is precision machine ground using a high tolerance grinder.

Other manufacturers neglect this final grinding process and prefer to leave the hose to cool-shrink to the correct dimensions. Although this often still provides a peristaltic hose of some integrity, there are a number of disadvantages linked to a variation in dimensions caused by this incomplete final production process:

  • If the hose is over the specified dimensions it will overstress the pump, gearbox and motor bearings. This is not usually immediately apparent, but if the pump is closely-monitored over a period of time it will become clear that the bearings are failing more frequently. The increased friction will also lead to reduced hose life.

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