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Extending Hose Life

What factors directly affect Hose Life?

Take a look below, youÂ’ll find information you can start using today!

Poor quality parts

Buying cheap hose really is a false economy. Experience shows that over time, cheap hose fails prematurely. It requires more lubricant and valuable time is lost due to increased maintenance downtime.


Purchase hose and lubricant from a reputable source.

Hose made by Environmental Pumping Solutions Limited has taken many years to perfect and is made from a multi laminar reinforced construction, providing an excellent life expectancy. Our fully-automated manufacturing facility utilizes new and sophisticated technology that ensures dimensions are held to the tightest tolerances, creating a world-class hose every time.


Your lubricant needs to support hose cooling and provide an inbuilt guard against freezing during cold weather. Our peristaltic pump lubricant has been formulated to work with the varying requirements within a peristaltic pump and will perfectly fulfill these requirements.

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