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Legal Notice


  1. Linking to Environmental Pumping Solutions websites
    1. You may not link to our websites if you are currently a competitor or plan to become a competitor.
    2. We can terminate your right to link to our website at any time and for any reason at our sole discretion and you are required to remove any links to us, data or pictures regarding us or our products within 48hours.
    3. You will not display on your website any contents from our websites from within a frame unless we have provided our written consent first.
    4. You may not imply an affiliation between your site and our site without our written consent first.
    5. If in our sole opinion we consider your Company to be engaged in anything indecent, dishonest or illegal you are not allowed to link to our website.
  2. Law
    1. The Terms and conditions of use are governed by English law and any dispute arising will be subject to the laws of England and Wales. That said should we deem it in our interest to pursue legal action through courts in other lands we reserve the right to do so.
    2. Where we are unable to enforce any of our terms and conditions of use the user agrees that we can rewrite our terms and conditions of use to enable enforcement of the item concerned and retry the same case again based on the newly written terms and conditions of use.
    3. In the event we are unable to enforce any item of our terms and conditions of use this will not render the balance of items unenforceable.

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